Plumbing Cross-Connection Control

Improve your understanding of cross-connection control, and prepare for certification.

Consider this program if you are a trades person looking to improve your understanding of cross-connection control or to obtain certification. The program’s emphasis is on hazards, devices and testing. It is designed for those already involved with the planning, design, installation, maintenance and inspection of plumbing, piping systems or water-supplied equipment that connects to the potable water system, either inside or outside of buildings.

A cross-connection is any physical connection between two separate systems, one of which is drinking water and the other polluted water or contaminated fluids, gases or substances. The pressure differential between the two systems may cause contaminated fluids to flow through connections in subtle forms and unsuspected places. Reversal of flow in the water may be unpredictable, and education and training will help you to effectively combat all actual and potential types of cross-connections.

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