How to Prepare for Employment in the Canadian Workplace

Immerse yourself in English

Socialize in English, watch English television programs, listen to the radio or audio books, or join Toastmasters, a club where you can practice speaking English in front of a group and learn public speaking techniques. Practice makes perfect!

Enhance your reading, writing, speaking and listening skills

Contact Red River College’s English (EAL) Tutors program to further develop your language skills. You can work with your tutor for up to 8 free hours of assistance per term, or join a language workshop to work on a particular skill.

Create a study group

This is a great way to review course content, clarify assignments and practice your English! You can start your own study group with classmates or visit the Academic Success Centre to get help organizing a study group led by a tutor.

Learn about Canadian workplace culture

Career success depends on soft skills” important in the Canadian workplace. To learn more about the cultural differences and communication styles in the Canadian workplace, visit Diversity Supports.


Attend as many career fairs, networking events, informational meetings and trade shows as you can. Stay connected with your classmates and RRC even after you graduate. Social media is a great way to stay connected. Use LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc. and build your network.

Get involved

There are many ways to get involved during your time at RRC and the benefits are endless! These include meeting new people, building a diverse skill set, learning about different opportunities and networking!


Gain valuable Canadian experience and help build your employability skills! Learn about workplace culture. Develop your soft skills and network at the same time! Check out these great sites to get you started: RRC’s Students’ Association and Volunteer Manitoba.

Work on- and off-Campus

Develop skills for your resume, reinforce your own learning and meet new people. Become a peer tutor. Visit Academic Success Centre for more information. For additional employment opportunities for RRC students and alumni, visit Job Central and RRC’s Students’ Association. For information on off-campus work permits, visit the RRC International Education website.

Highlight academic projects

Include academic projects and accomplishments on your resume. Talk about them during your interview. Examples of academic projects include entrepreneurial projects, project-based assignments, and team projects.

Visit Student Employment Services (SES)

SES offers a wide range of employment supports, services and resources for students and recent graduates, free of charge. SES can assist with job search strategies, cover letter and resume development, and interview preparation. To see employment opportunities, visit RRC’s internal job board, Job Central. To book an appointment, contact 204-632-3966 or email

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