Why doesn’t my Student Evaluation of Instruction/Course link work?

Your link has probably expired – it expires seven days before the end of your course. Please contact us so that we can provide assistance. The evaluation period for each course ends seven days before the end of the course. This is in case there are exams during the last week of the course.

The SEI/C link for my course doesn’t work. What should I do if I get a “server error” type of message when I try to open the online evaluation form?

First try clicking on the browser’s back button.


If that doesn’t take you to your course evaluation, please close your Internet browser. Go back to your email site and click on the link in the email to go back to your Student Evaluation course list. Try the course link again (if you have multiple courses being evaluated and one still doesn’t work, try another one.)

Please contact us if you are still not able to access the online form.

I’ve been trying the email invitation link and I get a box that says, “This content has been disabled.”


Clicking on the Undo button (see below) will allow you to access the link.


Other options:
1. If using Chrome, you can change your web content settings within Chrome’s “Advanced Security Settings” (Learn more)
2. Use Internet Explorer instead (if issues/problems there as well, then add “*.RRC.ca” to the “Trusted Sites” list in IE’s Internet Options settings) (Learn more)

Why didn’t I receive an email about the survey but my classmates did?

All students taking full‐time courses are contacted through their academic email addresses. Please check your academic email through HUB or login to LEARN. If you forwarded your academic email to a personal email but have not received anything there, please check your academic email (i.e. yourusername@academic.rrc.ca ).

Look for an email with Red River College Course Evaluations ‐ We Need Your Feedback in the Subject line.

Note: students taking part‐time courses through Continuing Education or Regional Campuses are not being surveyed at this time.

Why can’t I wait until after my course is finished to do the evaluation?

Your course evaluation link(s) will have expired by the time your course ends. The evaluation period ends a week prior to the end of the course. Your second reminder email comes two days before the link(s) expire.

Do I have to complete the instructor/course evaluations?

The Student Evaluation of Instruction/Course is not mandatory but it’s important to give your feedback because it helps us identify what’s working and needs to be improved. Even though you don’t see the results and comments from SEI/C, all students benefit from the feedback that other students gave about their next instructor.

It works best if class time is set aside so that students can complete their instructor/course evaluations. Generally speaking, online surveys completed outside of class do not have an adequate response rate. In‐class delivery brings the response rate closer to ideal. The challenge is that we lack the technological capacity to do this in class, unless students are in a computer lab, or they use their smart phones or other devices.

How do I know my opinions won’t affect my grades?

All responses are confidential. Also, the reports on the courses and instructors being evaluated are not released until the current SEI/C evaluation period is over and all the course final grades have been submitted.

Where is the link for the Student Evaluation of Instruction/Course?

There is no overall link to the survey. Each student is emailed an individualized link with just their course(s) available ‐ just courses that are being evaluated during a specific time frame. Students will also receive two reminders if they haven’t completed the survey. The survey end dates for each course are seven days prior to the course end date in case of exams (the 2nd reminder is sent two days before the evaluation link expires.)

Please check your academic email. You should have an invitation email with a subject line of Red River College Course Evaluations ‐ We Need Your Feedback. In the text of the email there is a link to the course(s) you are taking that are part of this round of the survey.

Please contact us if you cannot find the answer to your questions here.