Course Reserve Request Form

Course Reserve Request Form

  • Make sure you are familiar with our Course Reserve copyright guidelines. You are required to agree to the copyright statement at the end of this form.
  • Please submit a separate request for each course reserve.
  • Fields marked with an asterisk “*” are required.
  • Paper and Electronic reserves must be submitted seperately.
  • Please allow two working days for requests to be processed.
Course Reserve Request Form (Library)

Instructor Information

Program and Course Information


Book Details

Please note: copyright prohibits placing publisher-supplied, preview or desk copies on reserve.
Please be specific, i.e., Chapter 12, or Pages 210-215

Article Details

Details of Other Reserves

Electronic Resource Details

Where did you find the reference? ie. EBSCOhost,Google, Association website, journal website, etc.


In compliance with the Canadian Copyright Act, I attest that the above list of items to be placed on Reserve in the Library are intended as an optional and supplementary source of information for students and comprise no more than 25% of the required reading for the course noted above. I further attest that each item on the above list complies with the limits set out in the Act. (Click here for additional information)

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