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Windows update FAQ

Why does my computer need to install Windows updates?

An unsupported computer is vulnerable to ransomware and malware (malicious software) attacks, and the best way to protect your College issued computer and your data are the Microsoft Windows updates.

Every version of Windows has a lifecycle, and Microsoft will not support your computer if you are using a product that is past its “End of service” date. Visit Microsoft’s Windows lifecycle fact sheet webpage for more information.

What are Feature Updates?

Microsoft releases a new version of Windows, known as a Feature Update, once a year. Feature updates typically contain a large amount of data. Although you can continue using your computer throughout the update process, restarting your computer afterwards may take 35‑40 minutes.

NOTE: If your version of Windows reaches its “End of service” date visit Microsoft’s Windows lifecycle fact sheet webpage for more information.

What are Monthly Security Updates?

Microsoft releases security updates twice a month. These updates typically involve improvements to your computer’s security and antivirus software. They are the best method for keeping your computer safe from vulnerabilities such as viruses, ransomware, and malware. For further information about these security updates visit Update release cycle for Windows clients.

How can I minimize work disruptions during an update?

Become familiar with Monthly security updates, and review the Windows lifecycle fact sheet regarding the update process, update schedules, and when a restart may occur on your computer.

One tip for minimizing the disruption to your regular activities is to follow the update schedule, and plan accordingly, when you might be interrupted by the updates. You might be able to continue working as usual, and then will be prompted to restart your computer. If you are working on a desktop computer, Windows will complete the installation process while you are away from your desk at the end of the day, and you can log on the following morning without interruption.

What happens with updates when returning from a break or an extended period of time?

If you are an instructor or any College employee returning after an extended period of time, prior to your first day, ensure that you log on to your College issued laptop so that Microsoft will perform all the necessary updates. Following this advice will greatly increase your ability to provide instruction and to use your computer.

If you do not, your computer could be sluggish and unresponsive while updates are installing, and you may have to restart once the update process is complete. This could negatively impact your time and computer use on your first day back at work.

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