Connect to wireless network – Android

If you are connecting to the RRC wireless network for the first time, refer to Step 1. If you have recently changed your password and can no longer connect to the network, see the Forget wireless network – Android webpage.

NOTE: These instructions were captured using an Android 10+ device.
  1. Tap the Apps icon, and then tap the Settings icon.
  2. Tap the Wi‑Fi menu, turn on Wi‑Fi by flicking the slider to the green “On” position, and then tap the RRCWireless‑menu.
  3. On the certificate validation window, enter the following:
    1. EAP Method = PEAP
    2. Phase 2 = MSCHAPv2
    3. CA Certificate = Use System Certificates
    4. Identity = Your RRC Username/Email Address
    5. Anonymous Identity = Leave Blank
    6. Domain =
    7. Password = Your RRC Password

    The RRC Wireless network status will change from “Obtaining IP address” to “Connected,” and you can begin using the network.

    NOTE: Enter the same user name and password that you use to access the RRC network.

    certificate validation

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