Information Technology Solutions

Information Technology Solutions

Log on to PaperCut

  1. Log on to your College account using the following method:
    • Enter your College User name in the following format – academic\username
    • Enter your College Password
    • Click OK
    • PaperCut Install - 3 First Launch

    NOTE: Ensure that you select the Remember my identity check box; otherwise, you will have to repeat the first part of this process the next time you log on. If you do not select it now, you will have another opportunity the next time you log on.
  2. Click Show hidden icons at the bottom right‑hand side of your taskbar, and you will see a green PaperCut MF icon. If you do not see the PaperCut MF icon, restart your device.
    PaperCut Install - 4 tray icon
  3. Click the green PaperCut MF icon to launch the Balance window and display your current print credit balance. (You also can hover your cursor over the icon to display your balance.)
    balance gadget
  4. NOTE: If you do not have the PaperCut Client installed or if you are using your personal computer or mobile device, you can check your print account balance at Print Account and log on using your College user name and password.

    new image of login July17

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