Create a new message

  1. On your HUB home page, in the Launchpad widget, under Applications, click Staff Email.
    staff email
  2. Click New mail at the top left‑hand side of the screen.
    new email button
  3. When the new message opens in the reading pane, type the recipient’s name or email address into the To field. If the recipient is in your contacts, Outlook will auto‑fill the complete name or email address. If the recipient is not in your contacts, it will appear in red.
    new message window To field
    NOTE: If adding attachments, the maximum allowable size is 25 MB.
  4. To view more email options, click the More actions (•••) button at the top of the new email window to open the message options menu.
    more actions button
  5. When you are finished composing your message click Send, and a copy of your message will automatically appear in your Sent Items folder.

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