OWA has a modern interface and design. The Web email interface has been simplified when used across multiple devices. Whether you use a computer, tablet (iPad or Android), or a Smartphone (iPhone or Android) will be similar.

Log on to HUB, then under Applications, click on Staff Email.

You can choose to view each Outlook Web app topic in this document or you may click an individual topic below.

Login Screen

The login screen has a new updated design which includes our College logo. This ensures that you are logging into your Red River College email account.

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Inline Compose

Inline Compose allows users to quickly compose and reply to e-mails without a new window opening.

Click on +New mail or click Reply if responding to an email. You can start typing the email within your email window.

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Separate Window

If you prefer having a separate window open for your email, click the separate window button at the top right-hand corner, highlighted in yellow.

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Formatting Buttons

Basic formatting buttons are displayed in the middle of the reply email next to font type and size.  There is a drop down, highlighted in yellow, which provides a few more options.

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Draft Folders

Draft folders in Outlook Web App are similar to previous versions of OWA. While you are typing a new email it is automatically being saved into the Drafts folder. If for any reason you have opened another email or folder, or have closed out of your email session that email will be waiting for you in the Drafts folder to return to it. You can open this at any later time and finish it to send.

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Forgotten Attachment Detector

Outlook Web App is intuitive with the new feature called Forgotten Attachment Detector. After you press Send it interprets the text in your email to let you know that you may have forgotten to include an intended attachment. Either press Send if no attachment was needed or Don’t Send, if you indeed needing to include one in your email.


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Drag and Drop Files

OWA also allows you to drag and drop single or multiple files to your compose window reply email. This can be done either in the inline reply format or the separate window format.

Hold and hover the attachment over the compose section of the window until you see the arrow. Then let them go.

NOTE: You must have a browser that is Internet Explorer 9 or higher to use this functionality.

Now you can see the document is within the reply email.


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Email Options

  1. A red “X” for delete and a flag for importance are shown in a blue highlighted email. They appear also when you hover your cursor over any other email.
  2. Right click on a flag and a number of options open up.  You may also clear a flag under this menu.
  3. Right click on any email to open further options, including mark as unread or read, move, ignore, categorize and create a rule.
  4. You can also open multiple emails by holding Shift and click all emails that you would like to work with. The menu options will open up automatically. Choose if you would like to delete, flag, mark as unread, mark as read or move. Cancel out if needed.

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OWA provides a blue default theme but there are options that you may choose to use when logged into Outlook Web App. There are a number of different options that also change the background colours, fonts, highlight colours, icons and header.

  1. To change the theme or to see what’s available click the Gear next to your user name, then click Change Theme.
  2. Click your new theme image and then click OK to save your change.

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OWA now allows you to view multiple calendars much like the full Outlook calendar. Each calendar will have its own colour, to distinguish between each person’s calendar entries. The default calendar colour is blue for your own calendar, but you have the option to change it to another colour.

You would have multiple calendars to view if someone has shared their calendar with you or you have been appointed as a delegate to manage someone’s calendar.  You have the option to change these colours of each calendar.

Day View

Day view comes in two different types: merged or split.

Day Merged view shows both calendars one right over the other with their entries merged.

Day Split view shows both calendars’ entries side by side.

Other Views

Work Week, Week, and Month views are available. They are Merged views only.  The example below for Week Merge view shows the overlay of content for both calendar entries.

To view calendars separately, uncheck the calendars that you do not want to view, until you have only the calendar(s) that you would like to see.

Click a particular date while in Month View to see a summary on the right of that day’s activities. The colours of the calendars are also in the summary listing.

Entry Details

In any of the calendar views, click on any particular entry to view its details.

Entry Options

Right click on a calendar item and a sub menu will open with several options. These would include reply, reply all, forward, show as, categorize, accept, tentative, decline, and delete. Further options open with the side arrows at some of the options.

The options available are dependent on the type of entry in the calendar. You may or may not see all of these listed above and shown below.

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