Teaching for Learning in Applied Education Transition Guide

Following a thorough renewal of the Certificate in Adult Education (CAE) that included consultation with existing students, employers and evidence-based research, Teaching for Learning in Applied Education (TFL) is our new program for those who teach adults in applied settings.

What is TFL?

TFL is a post-graduate certificate with six 3-credit hour courses. The courses are:

  1. Teaching for Learning 1
  2. Teaching for Learning 2
  3. Teaching for Learning 3
  4. Effective Learning Environments
  5. Assessment in Learning and Teaching
  6. Course Planning

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How is TFL different from CAE?

Teaching for Learning in Applied EducationCertificate in Adult Education
TFL has six courses – each 10 weeks.The CAE had 11 courses – each 8 weeks.
TFL has three terms per year.The CAE had five terms per year.
TFL credential is a post-graduate certificate.The CAE credential was a certificate.
TFL must be completed within three years.
(Two courses per year) 
CAE students had five years to complete.
(Two courses per year) 
No Practicum requirement.Practicum requirement – 200 hours of teaching and a portfolio.
The cost per course is $480.
Fees are waived as per the collective agreement for RRC Polytech, ACC and UCN instructors. 
The cost per course was $340.
Fees are waived as per the collective agreement for RRC Polytech, ACC and UCN instructors. 

Note: The TFL will continue to meet the training needs/requirements of entry-level instructors where CAE was a condition of employment.

The significant modification of the CAE was approved by Red River College Polytechnic’s Senior Academic Committee, as well as the provincial government.

All existing CAE students will be moved to TFL

All existing CAE students were automatically moved over to TFL. Students were able to exit with a TFL post-graduate certificate, if applicable, or carry on in TFL based on this alignment table:

CAE CoursesTFL Equivalents
Major: EDUC-1090 Introduction to Education
Minor: EDUC-1091 Instructional Methods
EDUC-1025 Teaching for Learning 1 (TFL 1)
Major: EDUC-1091 Instructional Methods
Minor: EDUC-1092 Course Implementation
EDUC-2025 Teaching for Learning 2 (TFL 2)
Major: EDUC-2092 Advanced Instructional Methods
Minor: EDUC-1097 Diversity & Inclusiveness
EDUC-3025 Teaching for Learning 3 (TFL 3)
Major: EDUC-1077 Testing & Evaluation
Minor: EDUC-1092 Course Implementation
EDUC-3026 Assessment in Learning and Teaching (ALT)
Major: EDUC-1118 Classroom Management
Minor: EDUC-1115 Foundations of Applied Education
EDUC-2026 Effective Learning Environments (ELE)
Major: EDUC-1094 Course Development
Minor: EDUC-1115 Foundations of Applied Education
EDUC-4025 Course Planning (CP)

Note: Completed CAE courses will remain on your transcript.

What happens next?

  • If you are a prospective student, we encourage you to apply for TFL. Once admitted, you will receive information on registration dates and processes directly from Enrolment Services to your academic email.
  • If you have completed the specific nine courses that are equivalent to the TFL post-graduate certificate requirements, congratulations! You will be able to apply to graduate directly from Student Planning.
  • TFL students should login to RRC Polytech Student Planning via RRC Polytech Hub and click the Progress tab. Ensure you are looking at your Teaching for Learning in Applied Education record. Information about registration for the future term (dates and instructions), will be communicated to you directly from Enrolment Services. Please watch your academic email closely.

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