Research Opportunities that Hit the Spot

Culinary Research & Innovation offers the following services designed to meet your company’s innovation needs, including:

  • Applied Research & Development
  • Technical Services
  • Training

Applied Research & Development

Recipe Development

Culinary students use their chef skills and knowledge of food trends, tastes, and textures to turn unique ingredients and/or food extracts into ready-to-eat dishes and products for your market.

Food product prototypes are often consumer tested either through a quick study or by test marketing by the client before scale-up occurs.

Scale-up, shelf-life, and nutritional labeling can be done with our partner food development centres.

Food Service Application Testing and Development

Our research group can prepare and compare different products under a variety of food service conditions. Our facilities can also be used to introduce, demonstrate and market-test new products to potential customers, chefs, and/or distributors in the School of Hospitality & Culinary Arts’ restaurants or test kitchens.

Clinical Trials and Product Development

Work with our multidisciplinary research team to develop appealing meal variations that meet the needs of specific diets, or clinical trial products for populations with specific dietary needs.

Food Product Demonstrations

Culinary Research & Innovation offers a place to explore, test, validate and develop:

  • new technologies, equipment or applications related to the food consumers’ experience
  • efficient, fresh delivery of food
  • methods of communicating of product information throughout the food service industry

Consumer Research

Consumer acceptance is key to successfully commercializing your food service or product. Our central location in downtown Winnipeg gives us immediate access to a large, diverse population for product feedback. Food samples can be prepared in Red River College kitchens and paper surveys can be delivered in the public atrium of the Paterson GlobalFoods Institute. We can also connect you with students in Red River College’s International Business program to pursue market research projects in foreign markets.


We partner with industry to uncover new commercial opportunities in food and agriculture using the Illumina Genetic Sequencer housed at Red River College’s Allied Health Sciences labs. Areas of interest among our current industry partners include Indigenous health and traditional foods and medicines.

Technical Services

Sample Preparation/Trade Show Support

We can design and prepare a small number of samples (less than 1,000) for clients to be used for presentations, trade shows, or events on a fee-for-service basis. This service provides students with opportunities to interact with industry, and provides you with the opportunity to showcase samples of your product developed in an inspected, registered facility by trained food handlers.

Start-Up Consultations

Your startup food company may be the next big success story, but funding programs won’t take the risk of investing in you—and helping you take that next leap forward—if you haven’t been in business long enough. We help bridge the gap by providing cost-shared technical assistance. Work with our chefs to improve your idea or product before running it through a test market or scaling up production at a larger facility. Along the way, our food and business specialists will be on hand to direct you to additional community resources.

Access To Resources, Funding and More

A research partnership with the CRI opens the door to a network of resources motivated to see your idea reach its full potential. Red River College is an active, respected member of an innovation community that can help you with scale-up, co-packing, investment, marketing, right through to supporting the product launch.

We can also help you access research funding and support your commercialization efforts by developing customer applications, consumer feedback and test samples, and digital media content through student-led projects.


Our new Culinary Research & Innovation kitchen offers an exceptional space for you to train your staff in the use of new ingredients, cooking or preservation methods, or to meet new client needs.

Culinary Research & Innovation also has a mandate to train the next generation of culinary professionals and innovators by putting them to work on your research project.

Red River College has recently launched an Indigenous Culinary Skills program designed to train students in how to use traditional foods and cooking methods. Our program provides employment opportunities in research to these students, as well as work with First Nations communities on food innovations.