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Math Help Centre

Are you confident working with fractions? Do you need to review basic algebra? Many Red River College programs require that you have a solid base of math skills. Although this can be intimidating, know there are resources at RRC to help you improve your skills. Look below for links to websites that can help you review your basic skills, or if want to access RRC’s online video tutorials.

If you don’t see what you need online, remember to visit RRC’s Academic Success Centre for help with the specific area of math you need to review. There you can get paired with a peer tutor, or register for one of the many workshops held throughout the year.  

Wise Guys

Studying math at midnight? Can’t remember how to calculate that formula?

The Academic Success Centre has developed on-line math videos that review common math functions: finding common denominators, direct proportion, scientific notation, working with algebraic expressions, working with calculator in Business Admin, and much more. We continue to add new videos throughout the year, so come back every few months to see what’s new.

Wise Guys videos are now being loaded onto YouTube:  
And they’re still fully available on our original site:

Online Math Resources

The math sites include interactive lessons, worksheets, quizzes and unlimited practice to achieve thorough mastery of the concepts. Topics covered are basic math, algebra, trigonometry, calculus, and statistics.