Winter 2017 Convocation

Convocation ceremonies are held at the Centennial Concert Hall,
555 Main Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba

February 6, 2017

  • School of Construction and Engineering Technologies
  • School of Health Sciences and Community Services
  • School of Transportation, Aviation and Manufacturing
  • School of Indigenous Education

February 7, 2017

  • Centre for Teaching Excellence, Innovation and Research
  • School of Business and Applied Arts
  • School of Continuing Education
  • School of Hospitality and Culinary Arts


Receiving Convocation Information 

All Graduates and students eligible to graduate will receive emails with information regarding the ceremonies 8-12 weeks prior to the Convocation dates. Please access your WebAdvisor account to update your preferred email address.

Apply to Graduate - Deadline December 13, 2016

The Application to Graduate is used to advise the College that you have completed all program requirements and are now ready to graduate from your program. Every student, with the exception of Apprenticeship students, must complete an Application to Graduate form by the deadline date indicated on the Application to Graduate. Please follow the instructions on the form.

You can check your Web Advisor account to confirm the Registrar’s Office has received your Application to Graduate (under Communication for Student>My Documents). Note that the “Due Date” is the date of your convocation ceremony. Once your academic record has been reviewed and it is confirmed you have met the graduation requirements for your program, you will either receive your official Transcript of Academic Record OR an email to your MailSite (academic email account) indicating your transcript and parchment will be issued to you at the convocation ceremony. If you have not received any information from the college prior to one week before your convocation ceremony, please contact the Student Services Centre at 204-632-2327 to find out the status of your record.

Convocation Cap and Gown Order

  • Order my Gown - coming soon
  • In-Person Convocation Gown Order Form - coming soon

All graduates wanting to attend the RRC Convocation ceremonies are required to wear academic attire. Academic attire consists of a gown, hood, cap and tassel. The cap and tassel is a souvenir for you to keep. The cost of this academic attire is $35.00 (taxes included).

Please place your gown order early to confirm your attendance. 

Please have a credit card (Visa or Mastercard) ready before ordering.

If you do not have a credit card and absolutely cannot place an order on-line please visit a Student Service Centre at Notre Dame Campus, D101 or Exchange District Campus, P104 to place an order.

If the deadline date has passed and you would still like to attend your convocation ceremony, please arrive at the Centennial Concert Hall an hour and half before the ceremony with $45 cash (no credit or debit accepted) to rent your academic attire directly through Gaspard.

The College will subsidize gown rentals for students in financial difficulties, however, funding is limited. Please visit a Student Service Centre if you require assistance.

Guest Information

Tickets are not required and there is no maximum number of guests per graduate. Designated seating is available for persons with disabilities. Front doors open two hours before the ceremony start time. Doors to the theater open one hour before the ceremony start time. For information regarding Handicap Services at the Centennial Concert Hall please visit http://centennialconcerthall.com/guest-info/handicap-services/


For location and parking information at the Centennial Concert Hall please visit http://centennialconcerthall.com/guest-info/location-parking/

Convocation Souvenirs

Your Personal Information

If you have recently moved, please access your WebAdvisor account to change your address. For a name change, please visit one of our Student Service Centre’s with the appropriate documentation confirming the name change.

Information regarding graduation and awards may be made public. If you have any questions or concerns about the collection and use of this information, or if you would like your graduation or awards information not made public, please contact:

Red River College
2055 Notre Dame Avenue
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3H 0J9

Overdue Accounts

Parchments will not be awarded at the ceremony if there are any outstanding amounts against your student number (tuition and parking fees, library books, computer equipment).

To ensure you receive your parchment on stage at Convocation please have all financial obligations paid in full 10 days prior to the ceremony date.

Honorary Degree/Diploma

An award of distinction, the Honorary Degree/Diploma is the highest honour Red River College can bestow upon an individual. This award recognizes individuals in diverse fields who are distinguished by their significant accomplishments and contributions – locally, nationally or internationally – and whose receipt of the award will bring honour and distinction to RRC. The Honorary Degree/Diploma is presented annually at the spring convocation ceremony.

The deadline for nominations each year is Friday, January 15. More information, including the online submission form, is available on the Alumni microsite.

Convocation Day

Ceremonies will precede on schedule so it is very important that you are punctual. Please arrive at the Centennial Concert Hall one and a half hours before the ceremony start time to pick up your academic attire. Parking downtown can be difficult to find so please plan accordingly.

Registration and Assembly

Once you arrive at the Centennial Concert Hall proceed to the right and follow the signs to the Graduate Gowning Area to register and pick-up or purchase your academic attire. 

You will be asked to fill out a name card. The announcer uses the name card to announce your name as you cross the stage. Please print your name and the name of the program you are graduating from clearly and take it with you on stage.

You will be given a letter section on the back of your name card at the Registration table. Graduates will assemble 45 minutes before the ceremony in the back stage area of the Centennial Concert Hall. Please meet your assigned section Marshal. The Marshal will assist you in lining up alphabetically within your program. It is important to arrive early as you are one of many graduates taking part in the ceremony. 

Academic Attire

Academic attire consists of a gown, hood, cap and tassel. The cap should be worn flat on your head with the tassel over the right front edge. Do not pin the tassel as it will be shifted during the ceremony. Men should remove their convocation caps during the National Anthem.

We ask that you refrain from making any alterations to your academic attire.

Coat racks are located in the hallway outside Rehearsal Room 1 where you pick-up your academic attire. There is no secure place your personal belongings. WE RECOMMEND THAT YOU LEAVE YOUR PHONES, PURSES AND OTHER PERSONAL BELONGINGS WITH YOUR GUESTS BEFORE THE START OF THE CEREMONY. Red River College and the Centennial Concert Hall are not responsible for any lost or stolen items.

Receiving Your Diploma/Certificate/Degree on Stage

Just prior to crossing the stage please hand your name card to the announcer who may wish to clarify the pronunciation of your name.

When your name is announced, start walking across the stage toward the Dean or a representative of the School who will congratulate you. Then continue to walk toward the President who will present you with your parchment. If you arranged for a stage photo, please remember to pause for your picture. A Marshal will direct you off the stage and back to your seat. As a courtesy to your fellow graduates and guests, please remain seated until the conclusion of the ceremony.

If you arranged for a stage photo, please remember to pause while accepting your parchment for your picture.

Conclusion of Ceremony

At the conclusion of the ceremony, a Marshal will lead the graduates in a procession out of the theatre.

Returning Your Gown

Immediately after the ceremony, return your gown to Gaspard. Ensure the return of your gown is documented by Gaspard staff so no charges are imposed. Remember the cap and tassel are yours to keep.