Senior Academic Committee

The Senior Academic Committee (SAC) provides strategic leadership in implementing the academic mission of the College. Chaired by the Vice-President, Academic and Research, the SAC serves as a forum for discussion and decision-making on issues of academic policy and practice and is a medium for sharing program information.


  • Oversees academic program integrity, quality and relevance.
  • Initiates and oversees identification and development of new programs.
  • Establishes program and instructional quality assurance mechanisms.
  • Oversees the expansion and modification of current programs.
  • Fosters student success and retention.
  • Assures effective handling of grading, student advancement and dispute resolution.
  • Recommends discontinuation of programs.
  • Identifies, develops, reviews and approves academic policies and procedures.
  • Debates and resolves academic issues.
  • Promotes and assures effective use of resources.
  • Establishes an industry and community-based program advisory system.
  • Develops recommendations on college-wide issues to present to the Leadership Council.

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