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Student Awards And Financial Aid


Red River College assists students by administering awards, bursaries, and scholarships that have been donated by concerned corporations, community organizations and individuals. These awards cover the specific requests of the donors and are intended to assist students who have shown outstanding abilities in academic or vocational areas and/or are in need of financial assistance.

For the most part, these awards, bursaries, and scholarships are available specifically to Red River College students. Descriptions include pre-requisite criteria and application instructions. 

Financial Aid

The College’s Student Awards and Financial Aid office on campus provides a number of support services for Red River College students: 

  • Information on financial assistance programs available to Manitoba students
  • Assistance to students applying for government sponsored loans
  • Liaison with Student Aid

The Manitoba Student Aid Branch is your contact when applying for federal and provincial loans, grants and bursaries. Assistance is based on an assessment of financial need and is provided primarily in the form of repayable Canada and Manitoba Student Loans. Non-repayable grants and bursaries are also available.

You should apply well in advance of your program start date. You can obtain information about student financial assistance and apply on-line at With the interactive on-line application, you will receive an estimate of Canada Student Loan and Manitoba Student Loan assistance within minutes of submitting your application. You will receive a letter notifying you of the actual assistance within two weeks.

Manitoba Student Loans and Canada Student Loans are interest-free and payment-free while you are in full-time studies. For Canada Student Loans, interest begins to accumulate once you cease to be a full-time student and the first payment is due six months after your end of study date. For Manitoba Student Loans, the first payment is due six months after your end of study date and the loans remain interest-free during this six-month period.

If you are not a Manitoba resident, your application for financial assistance must be made through your home province. 

For more information on Student Aid, please contact one of the following Manitoba Student Aid offices directly:



401-1181 Portage Avenue

3rd floor, 340-9th Street

Ph: 204-945-6321

Ph: 204-726-6592

For Awards information or Student Aid information specific to Red River College, please contact one of the following Student Service Centres:

Notre Dame Campus

Exchange District Campus

Room D101, Building D

Room P104

2055 Notre Dame Avenue

160 Princess Street



Phone:  204-632-2327 or 1-800-903-7707