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What to Do When Things Go Wrong

For many new students, October is a tough month.

  • Cold weather
  • Hours of missed sleep
  • Homesickness
  • Lower grades than you expected

How you deal with these challenges will determine your success in your program and life. Fortunately, with the right strategies and support, you can overcome each of the challenges you face.

What You Can Do Yourself

There are three things you can do to ensure you survive the midterm challenges.

First, keep a positive attitude. Have confidence in your ability to overcome any difficulties you face and achieve your goals. Tell yourself positive messages.

Second, evaluate where you are. Take a self-checkup and ask yourself what is going well and where you are having difficulty. Be sure to take a holistic look at each area your life:

Academic Career Social Housing
Food Transportation Immigration Emotional
Mental Spiritual Financial Physical

Third, make a plan. For every challenge you are facing, identify at least one strategy or action you can take to address that challenge, and one resource or person where you can get support.

Challenge Goal Strategies Support
Low grades on assignments  Improve grades Plan projects in detailGet a tutor  Academic Success CentreInstructor
Homesickness New friendsMental Health Eat lunch together with a classmate every day.Volunteer


 Intercultural Mentorship ProgramCounsellor

Students’ Association

Get Help!

Everyone needs a bit of help to achieve their goals. Red River College has a wide range of student supports available, but it is your responsibility to access them!

Here are a few places you can go for help:

Academic Issues

  • Talk to your instructor or program coordinator.
  • Academic Success Centre: Academic coaching, tutoring, workshops and more.




Immigration Issues (for international students only)

Mental/Emotional/Spiritual Health

  • Counselling Services
  • Red River Relief Line
  • Crisis Response Centre, 24/7 walk-in service
    • 817 Bannatyne Avenue
  • Mobile Crisis Service, someone will come to you
    • Call: 204.940.1781
  • Klinic Crisis Line – 24/7 Call: 204.786.8686
  • In the case of an emergency, call 9.1.1 or go to your nearest emergency room.

If you are facing any other difficulties and aren’t sure where to go, talk to your student integration coordinator. They will help connect you with the supports to help you face those challenges with confidence.

Check out this week’s Get Oriented (GO) success strategies and more videos for getting help when you need it.