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Respect and Safety is Your Responsibility!

Maintaining a respectful environment is important to Red River College. One part of showing respect is making sure that people feel safe and comfortable. All members of the Red River College Community, including students and staff, have responsibility to prevent violent or threatening behaviour.

This includes:

  • Physical violence—pushing, grabbing, slapping, hitting, kicking, or any other action that may harm another person.
  • Threatening violence or intimidating another person through words or actions
  • Sexual violence or harassment
  • Discrimination
  • Damaging property


What should you do if you see someone acting in a violent, threatening, or discriminating way?

If you see it, it is YOUR responsibility.

You can:

  • Interrupt the behaviour (if it is safe to do so)
  • Help the victim get to safety
  • Tell someone—College Security Services. You may also alert College staff nearby (if you are on Campus) or call the police for incidents off-campus.

Not doing anything supports the person doing the harm. If you witness violent or threatening behaviour and do not report it, you may be subject to discipline (see College Policy S2, Student Discipline)

For more information about your responsibility for safety and respect on campus, check out these College policies:

E13 – Violence Prevention

Policy G5 – Sexual Violence

H1 – Discrimination and Harassment

S2 – Student Discipline

No Wrong Door – Where to go if you experience or witness sexual violence, harassment, or discrimination.


If you have any questions, come talk to your Student Integration Coordinator:

Lauren Konrad

Student Integration Coordinator

Office P212 – 160 Princess Avenue | Winnipeg, Manitoba R3B 1K9

Phone: 204.631.3345| E-mail:


Norlan Page

Student Integration Coordinator

Office D206C 2055 Notre Dame Avenue  | Winnipeg, Manitoba R3H 0J9

Phone: 204.631.3309 | E-mail: