Watch Out For Scams!

It has recently come to our attention that some students may have been targeted by an online email scam claiming to be from Red River College requesting additional fees be paid to the institution via a third-party payment system. We can confirm that the College has not sent any type of request of this nature to any of our students.


Phishing emails have become more sophisticated over time, and can be very convincing. However, these emails were not generated by the College – and it is not the College’s policy to request additional payments from students using a method that is not approved.


In light of this information we have notified RRC’s IT Department and they blocked the email address from contacting you at your academic accounts.


However, today, many people can continue to be susceptible to these types of online scams. In order to assist you going forward, we would like to pass along some additional information to help you. While this information is specific to RRC, we would encourage you to keep these best practices top of mind in all your other dealings online too.


  • Red River College emails are ONLY sent from the domain. Phishing emails may use an email address that looks very similar, and the creators of these messages are very skilled at making emails appear that they are from a legitimate email address. They may use names, logos, alias, and titles taken from Red River College’s website or other sources. Read the email carefully and watch for inconsistent information.
  • Always confirm the payment method by checking our website.We will never ask you to send money through an unsecure method such as an email transfer, Western Union, etc. You can always make payments in person at a Student Service Centre, or online through your HUB account.
  • Ask us!If you aren’t sure whether an email is legitimate, bring it to the College’s Student Service Centre or the International Education Office and ask us to verify if the request is correct.

As always, please exercise as high level of caution when sharing your personal information or banking information online. If you have further questions please feel free to visit our Student Services Centre or contact us directly.