What do other international and immigrant students have to say about their experiences at Red River College Polytechnic?

“Red River College Polytechnic gave me wings to fly, whereas I thought I could barely walk, being thousands of miles away from home. Having studied at this college, I gained immense confidence and knowledge.”

-Anika Maria, Bangladesh

“The thing I liked most about Red River College Polytechnic was my experience as a student and athlete. Learning to balance my school responsibilities and athletic life helps me to this day as a professional.”

-Anderson Pires Pereira, Brazil

“Red River College Polytechnic has the best instructors one could ask for. They are passionate, knowledgeable, understanding and kind. RRC Polytech is home away from home.”

-Kanupriya Sidhu, India

“Red River College Polytechnic values all students, no matter where you are from, your age, if you are single or married or have family already. You are part of the community — you feel like you’re at home.”

-Jesus Bojorquez Lahud, Mexico

“As an adult international learner, I chose Red River College Polytechnic because I wanted an intense, high-quality program that could lead me straight to employment and add value to my career path.”

-Yueyue Wang, China

“As a newcomer to Canada, I found my Red River College Polytechnic program backed me up with the necessary industry knowledge, and introduced me to the culture and ethics of the Canadian workplace.”

-Wasim Alkabani, Syria

“Red River College Polytechnic has a special place in my heart because it opened doors to my career. I earned a scholarship and participated in a national competition. The opportunities were endless and I am very grateful for the experience!”

-Danielle R. Martins, Brazil

“Red River College Polytechnic really set me on the right path and helped me figure out what I wanted to do with my life. I was introduced to work I love doing now — which is something that adds value to my life.”

-Aayush Manchanda, India

“I came to Red River College Polytechnic through the partnership with Shenyang Institute of Engineering (in China). My extended education at RRC Polytech gave me hands-on experience and a multicultural perspective.”

-Sophie Shi, China

“I chose RRC Polytech for the simple yet amazing things that it can offer. The environment is very welcoming because of the multicultural diversity. It opened a lot of doors to me, as well as opportunities and a great education.”

-Sharmaine San Juan, Philippines

“Red River College Polytechnic provides practical knowledge and hands-on skills that allow students to be successful in the workforce, and pushes students to be their best with lots of activities after school.”

-Andy Pham, Vietnam

“Red River College Polytechnic made me career-ready by giving me important technical and soft skills. The College’s events provided me with excellent networking opportunities, which allowed me to start a career in Canada.”

-Erika Falcao, Brazil

“Red River College Polytechnic courses are job-related, and teachers share their experiences and make excellent presentations. Shop classes simulate real-life working environments so well, students can transfer their classroom experience.”

-Charles Lu, China

“I was hired right away after my graduation and the way I learned my program was perfect to apply in practice. I am so proud of my college, wherever I go.”

-Saba Tesfamariam, Eritrea

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