About Manitoba and Winnipeg

RRC Polytech is located in the heart of Canada. Manitoba has a diverse, multi-ethnic population of over 1.3 million. The province has a facilitated immigration system that provides international students with a structured alternative to become a permanent resident in Canada.

Life in Manitoba and Winnipeg



Cost of Living

Manitoba has one of the lowest costs of living in North America, resulting in a high standard of living. Some typical day to day costs, shown in Canadian dollars (2019), include:

Expense Winnipeg Toronto Vancouver Description
Rent $475 $820 $760 Rent can vary based on neighbourhood and the space. Be sure to check if there are any additional costs apart from the month rent, e.g. electricity, water, internet, parking, etc.
Monthly Public Transit Pass $80 $116 $111 Discounted student rates for Post Secondary Students
Car Insurance $190 $350 $335 New driver rates, varies based on driving history and car type.
Food $150 to $200 $150 to $200 $150 to $200 Food costs will vary based on how often you eat out, where you buy your groceries. Coordinating with your roommates may help lower this cost.
Entertainment $50 to $100 $50 to $100 $50 to $100 Movies, dining out, attractions, etc.
Mobile $35 to $65 $45 to $75 $45 to $75 Varies on the carrier and plan chosen.

“At RRC Polytech, you don’t feel alone. They treat you like family. They teach you how to live here (in Manitoba) properly, how to embrace the community, to respect and to be respected.”

-Jesus Bojorquez, Mexico

Manitoba has a facilitated stream for graduates of post-secondary public institutions to become permanent Canadian residents.


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