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Confirm Application Submission from MyCIC Account

  1. Login to MyCIC account
  2. Find your application from “View the applications you submitted” section
  3. Click “Check full application status” under “Action”
  4. Scroll down to the bottom of the page, and check “Messages about your application”
    • The “Confirmation of Online Application Transmission” confirms your application payment. If you are applying for co-op work permit, you will not receive this message because this application is free.
    • The “Submission Confirmation” confirms your application submission.

  5. Click “Submission Confirmation” to view the detail. You can download the file as the proof of submission. Please find a sample “Submission Confirmation” here.
  6. IRCC will send further communication to you including the decision of your application via MyCIC account. Please check back to “Messages about your application” periodically after the submission.