Income Tax

If you’re an international or immigrant student at RRC Polytech, you might need to file an Income Tax Return.

General Information About Tax Return

Do I need to file an Income Tax Return?

You should file taxes if you are a Canadian resident or have earned taxable income during the previous year.

For more details, or if you are not sure whether you should file a tax return, visit the Canada Revenue Agency webpage, or talk to a tax professional.

Why do it?

Even if you don’t owe taxes, filing a tax return can help you receive credits and refunds (for example, tuition rebates, rent rebates or credits for children). Most students receive some money in the form of an Income Tax Refund.  International students are encouraged to check this Canada Revenue Agency web page to see if they will benefit from filing a tax return.

How to start the process?

If you have a work permit, then you should also have a Social Insurance Number (SIN).

If you do not have a Social Insurance Number and are not eligible to obtain one, you will need to apply for an Individual Tax Number for Non-Residents (ITN) Form T1261. Forms are available online or from the Centre for International Education and Global Partnerships (CIEGP). You will need to complete the form and submit it to Canada Revenue Agency with certified copies of your passport and study permit.

You should allow approximately 12-16 weeks to receive your ITN. The form and certified documents should be submitted by November to allow enough time to receive your ITN to file your income tax return in March.

Important: If you have an ITN and later qualify for and receive a SIN, it’s important that you notify the Canada Revenue Agency. Your information from the ITN does not automatically transfer to the SIN. If you do not notify the Canada Revenue Agency, you may lose out on tuition and education credit amounts recorded on your file that can reduce your taxes in future years.

Income Tax Preparation

Important Dates

All your information slips (employment, tuition, etc.) should be available by the end of February. Your college information slips will be made available through the HUB. The deadline for filing your tax return is April 30. You may file a return after the deadline, but you will have to pay a penalty and interest if you owe additional taxes. If you are receiving a refund, there is no penalty for filing late.

Where can I get help?

You can complete your income tax return on your own. With the assistance of tax preparation software, the process is usually straightforward and can be completed and filed electronically in a couple of hours.

In March and April, there are free Volunteer Tax Preparation Clinics organized by Canada Revenue Agency in various locations in Winnipeg. For a Volunteer Tax Preparation Clinic location near you, please visit the Canada Revenue Agency website.

A tax professional can also assist with preparing and filing your tax return, and advise you on ways to maximize your credits available. Costs can range between $30-100 for preparing and filing a basic return (complex returns may be higher). See here for a directory of income tax preparation services in Winnipeg. One or more private companies may also be set up on campus to offer tax services to students.

What Do I Need To Prepare?

  • Social Insurance Number (SIN) or Individual Tax Number (ITN)
  • Rent receipts or statement of rent paid
    • Request a letter from your landlord if you do not have receipts.
  • T2202 Forms
    • This is the official tuition receipt provided by Red River College Polytechnic in February (post-secondary academic programs only).
    • Available for you to print from your Self-Service Account.
    • ESL and ADS programs are not considered post-secondary training by Canada Revenue Agency. Although EAL and ADS students will not qualify for tuition tax credit, they should bring their original tuition receipts as they may be eligible for other types of credits.
  • Last year’s income tax return (if you have one)
  • Monthly bus passes and receipts
  • T4 forms (if applicable) – If you work, your employer must issue this form to you by the end of February.

Important: Please remember to get a Social Insurance Number or Individual Tax Number before you attend one of the clinics. If you have missed the deadline, complete the process but do not submit the form. The Social Insurance Number application can be submitted with your tax return but will take longer to process.

Additional Information

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