Cultural Orientation

As you pursue your goals through your program, we hope that you will find the opportunity to build great relationships and memorable experiences and that you will not only learn but also contribute your unique perspectives and skills to our community. We look forward to supporting, sharing and learning together with you at Red River College.

Welcome to Red River College!

We are happy that you have chosen to join our college community!

I’m Norlan Page, one of the student integration coordinators here at Red River College. Part of my role is to welcome new immigrant and international students in career programs to Red River College, to help students find the resources they need to get settled in the college and the local community and to share knowledge and strategies to achieve their goals successfully. I am happy to share some videos from members of our college community to help you prepare for a great start to your education journey at Red River College

If you have any questions or difficulties as you are completing this Cultural Orientation, contact me at I would be happy to help.

Get Ready for Success!

The purpose of this pre-program Cultural Orientation is to give you an opportunity to learn about cultural diversity in preparation for your intercultural learning experience at Red River College. You should plan to spend about three hours on the orientation material, including watching the video segments and completing the reflection worksheet and Personal Action Plan.

Through these videos, you may become more aware of the cultural diversity around you and how your unique cultural background shapes how you see and experience the world. We will explore examples and strategies of how to communicate, live and work in diverse environments.  We will also discuss the journey of integration, becoming a contributing and active member of a new community.

Completing This Orientation

In order to successfully finish this orientation, you will need to complete the following steps:

  1. Read this Cultural Orientation guide.
  2. Download supporting materials (Reflection Worksheet + Personal Action Plan)
  3. Watch all the linked videos.
  4. Complete and save the Reflection Worksheet with your comments, personal reflections and questions.
  5. Create your Personal Action Plan.
  6. Complete the completion survey online. (You will attach your completed worksheet and Personal Action Plan as part of the survey.)

All international students planning to begin an academic program at Red River College should complete this orientation before arriving on campus.

Required Equipment

To successfully complete this cultural orientation, you will need:

  • Access to a computer connected to high-speed internet (to watch videos online).
  • Microsoft Word (optional): You can complete the Personal Action Plan activity in Microsoft Word. If you do not have Microsoft Word, you can print the file, complete it by hand and submit a scanned copy.

Please watch and think about each of the videos and complete the reflection worksheet questions. You will also be provided with a Personal Action Plan template which you can complete as you go through the orientation materials.

Let’s get started!


Completing This Orientation

Next Steps

Advising with your student integration coordinator

If you have questions, please contact your student integration coordinator, we are happy to connect you to support services and offer encouragement and resources to help you succeed.

If you would like to request an appointment to meet with your student integration coordinator at your campus after you arrive in Winnipeg, please contact them by email:

Norlan Page(Notre Dame Campus and Stevenson Campus)

Lauren Konrad (Exchange District Campus and Regional Campuses)

The Cultural Orientation was developed on behalf of Red River College, by Norlan Page (Student Integration Coordinator) and Bradley West, CHRP, CCP (Diversity Initiatives Coordinator) in the Diversity and Intercultural Services department, with guidance and support from Nora Sobel, B.A. M.Ed. (A/Manager). Videos were produced by eTV Learning Technologies. This pre-program Cultural Orientation was developed for Red River College by Norlan Page.

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