Canadian Connection Program

Connect with the people, culture and province of Manitoba.

What is the Canadian Connection Program?

Throughout the year, the Center for International Education and Global Partnerships (CIEGP) offers various student support sessions and events to help students better integrate into campus life and Canadian culture. We want to offer engaging sessions so that the students are motivated and the goal is to keep the enthusiasm up during the whole year.

Program Goals

  1. Develop opportunities for the integration of immigrant and international students on campus and within the local Winnipeg community.
  2. Through the coordination of College-wide opportunities, students, staff, and faculty are given the opportunity to build awareness of diversity and inclusion on campus and in the larger Winnipeg community.
  3. Facilitate opportunities for immigrant and international students to gain exposure to various Winnipeg based activities and events through informing students about community activities and the development of community partnerships.
  4. Reduce isolation and feelings of loneliness.
  5. Facilitate social networking and building local and on campus connections through program event and volunteering opportunities.
  6. Focus on local Canadian culture and local recreational activities.

Event Descriptions

Virtual Tour of the Campus
As a prospective international student, you can tour the multiple college campuses from the comfort of your own home. Are you interested to learn where the library is located? How you can access the gym? Do you want to know where the international education office is located? We look forward to connecting with you! Register to join a 30-minute tour of the campus.

Trivia Night
Need a study break? This event is a great way to meet new people, try something new, and have fun! Test your skills with friends and other members of the RRC Polytech community. We will meet once a month in evening.

Bridge Drive Inn/Doug and Betty’s
Cool off from the summer heat with a yummy treat! Students will need to answer 5 questions about Winnipeg and be entered in a draw to win $25 gift card.

Uptown Alley (TBD pending restrictions)
Spend the afternoon playing bowling and games! This is a great way to meet new people and learn a new skill.

Welcome back BBQ Event (Assiniboine Park)
Fun interactive event for new students to connect with each other and staff prior to the start of your study. We will provide food (hotdogs, chips, drink) for all students. There will be a lot of outdoor activities planned such as volleyball, badminton, races etc. and prizes will be awarded to the winners. This event will be scheduled once the restriction limits on outdoor gatherings is increased. The date is TBD.

Red River Ex
This event takes place at the Exhibition Park and features concerts, stage shows and agricultural exhibits.

Buddy Campaign
Interested students can submit their name and contact information during the first week of classes. They will be assigned a buddy and they connect with them as they wish.

Health and Wellness Campaign
Good mental health allows us to live the life that we want and contribute to the community while reaching our academic goals. We can offer a weekly tip to encourage students to promote movement. A random student will be selected to win a $25 gift card to the RRC Polytech Campus Store to encourage participation.

Netflix Party
Allow students an opportunity to connect with each other and spend an evening watching a movie. The goal is to host this in the Cave if we can have events back on campus. We can offer popcorn/drinks/food to those in attendance. If we unable to hold the event in person, we can still do it virtually.

Celebration of Culture Party
The Celebration of Culture Party is a free College-wide event to connect students and celebrate the culture diversity at RRC Polytech. This fun, annual event includes cultural entertainment, children’s activities, refreshments, draw prizes, and a Global Dance Party to cap off the evening’s festivities.

Ice Skating at the Forks
Enjoy a winter day out to experience a unique recreational and sporting activity in Canada – Ice Skating! Participants skate under the Forks Market Tower Atrium and/or the Red River Mutual Skating Trail. Students finish the activity by warming up with hot chocolate and mini-donuts inside the Forks Market and perhaps do some shopping!

Festival du Voyageur
Festival du Voyageur is an annual winter festival held every February in Saint-Boniface, Winnipeg’s French neighborhood promoting French language and culture through artistic, educational, historical, and cultural experiences inspired by the Voyageur era. Centered around the historic Fort Gibraltar, highlights of the festival include music, children’s activities, a rich interpretive program, Beard Growing Contest, Fiddling & Jigging Contests, and the International Snow Sculpting Symposium.

Winnipeg Trolley Tour
Inspired by the Winnipeg Electric Company streetcars that were once a prominent feature on the city’s streets, the Winnipeg Trolley Tour transports passengers to various sites around the city including The Forks, Assiniboine Park, the Exchange District, Canadian Museum for Human Rights, plus other attractions in the city.

Zoo Lights
Located at the Winnipeg Zoo, the festival features thousands of light installations to bring to life a magically illuminated winter town called Polar Town. Zoo Lights Festival showcases interactive experiences, entertainment, a Third + Bird market, great food, and much more.

Manitoba Museum
This is a great educational opportunity to learn about Manitoba, the museum has various galleries, planetarium, and other fun activities!

Winnipeg Art Gallery
Located in downtown Winnipeg, the art gallery houses pieces from Canadian, indigenous and international artists. There are various exhibitions that are held there.

Sports tickets (Manitoba Moose, Winnipeg Jets, etc.)
Great opportunity for students to visit and see a sporting event in an arena.

Scavenger Hunt
Students will work in groups and we will select 10 spots they can visit at NDC, EDC (ex. Student Association, Library, and Centre for International Education and Global Partnerships). After completion of puzzle, questionnaire, act etc. students will receive RRC Polytech swag.

First year student Networking Event
Attend a fun networking event and learn about CIEGP and volunteer opportunities. The second year students will share their experiences and some tips/tricks to help new students be successful.

Event Schedule

Date Topic
August Uptown Alley
Welcome back BBQ
Scavenger Hunt August 25
September Red River Ex
Buddy Campaign
First Year Students Networking Event September 8
October Health and Wellness Campaign
November Trivia Night
December Netflix Party
January Celebration of Culture Party
February Ice skating at the forks
March Festival du Voyageur
April Winnipeg Trolley Tour
May Zoo
June Manitoba Museum
July Winnipeg Art Gallery
Virtual Tour of the Campus
Trivia Night
Bridge Drive Inn/Doug and Bettys Ice-cream

The schedule is subject to change – for more information about specific dates and topics, please subscribe to our weekly International Newsletter or send an email to

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“I think the first couple months are tough for anyone when you move to a new country and you don’t have family here, but right away I met new people, I met new friends and over time that gave me a family here.”

-Aayush Manchanda, India

If you’re a new immigrant or international student at RRC Polytech, “GO – Get Oriented” will help you succeed both academically and socially.


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