Guide for Online Application

Ready to apply? Follow this guide and apply with confidence!

1 Online Account

  • If you don’t have an online account with RRC yet:
    • Visit this page
    • From the Welcome page click on Create an Account
    • Fill in your information
  • If you have an existing account, do not create another one.
    • Log in to the system by using your username and password.
    • Can’t remember the password? You can retrieve it by clicking on Forgot your Password.
  • Once you have created your account, you will receive an email from RRC to activate the account. Please check your personal email (including the junk/spam folder) for the activation link. Once the account is active, you will be able to log in to start or continue your application.

2 Start an Application

  • On the My Account page, select Start an Application at the bottom of the page.
  • On the Application Listing page select Start a New Full-Time International Student Program Application.
  • Read the Know Before You Apply It contains important information about the application process and fees. Failure to follow the instructions may result in delay or cancellation of your application.
  • Click Save & Continue.

3 Academic Plan

  • You have one of three study plan options:
    • Academic Program only:
      • Select nounder the English Language Training.
      • Select your academic program of choice, location and academic term under the Post-Secondary Program.
    • Intensive English for International Students (IEIS) only:
      • Select yesunder English Language Training.
      • Select Intensive English for International Studentsprogram, and location and term under the Post-Secondary Program.
    • Intensive English for International Students (IEIS) followed by an academic program:
      • Select yesunder the English Language Training.
      • Select your academic program of choice, location and academic term under the Post-Secondary Program.
      • Click Save & Continue.

4 Personal and Contact Information

  • Enter your personal contact information. Be sure to include your email address, this is the only way RRC will communicate regarding application and acceptance. If an email is returned to RRC as “undeliverable,” it will result in cancellation of the application.
  • Click Save & Continue.
  • Enter immigration (visa) information and citizenship.
  • Click Save & Continue.
  • Identify your proof of English language requirement.
  • Click Save & Continue.

5 Educational Background

  • Add all of your studies in high school and post-secondary school (if applicable) in this section.
  • Click Save & Continue.

6 Authorized Educational Agency Information

  • If you’re not applying through an agent, click no to the question “Are you applying through an education agent?
  • If an agent is applying on your behalf, they should click yes to the question, “Are you applying through an education agent?” and an additional section will appear to add their agency location and contact information.
  • Click Save & Continue.

7 Release of Personal Information

  • In this section, you will be asked if RRC should communicate directly with you or if you prefer RRC to communicate with your agent.
  • If you wish for RRC to communicate with your agent about the application and the information within it, a FIPPA application must be completed.
  • Click Save & Continue.

8 Submission of Required Documents

  • Read the instructions on how to submit your document(s).
  • You are required to submit all documents within 30 days of completion of the online application.
  • All the documents must be couriered/posted to RRC:

Red River College
International Education Office
D210 – 2055 Notre Dame Avenue
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada R3H 0J9

  • It is recommended to courier or post the required documents at the time of submission. The sooner we receive the files, the earlier we will communicate the result of your application.
  • Click Save & Continue.

9 Applicant Declaration

  • Please make sure you have read and understood the conditions before submitting the application.
  • After you have explicitly agreed to the declarations, type in your name in the signature block and click Submit Application.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about your online application, send an email to our Admissions Team.


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