Interrupting Cultural Assumptions & Bias – Workshop

Intercultural Workshop # 4 – Challenging Cultural Assumptions and Bias

Classrooms, workplaces, and communities are made up of people with diverse and complex cultural backgrounds. To navigate these intercultural environments, Intercultural Competence is the ability that helps us to interact effectively and appropriately with people from diverse cultural backgrounds. By developing our intercultural competence, we foster our ability to recognize, acknowledge, respect, and incorporate an understanding of worldviews and their impact on relationships.

This final workshop in the Intercultural Competence series will continue to build the skills of intercultural competence by focusing on the concepts of bias and blind spots, microaggressions, and privilege. Additionally, participants will develop strategies for intercultural sensitivity to be able to experience and appreciate cultural differences.

All on-campus participants will be provided snacks and beverages, along with a chance to win a door prize! Register today for your chance to win!

Date: Wednesday, November 23rd, 2022
Time: 12:00pm – 1:00pm Central Time – US & Canada
Location: Connected Classroom, Emerging Media and Production Studios – access Mall level, heading toward North Gym
Campus: Notre Dame Campus + Online access

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This on-campus workshop is offered in the Connected Classroom at the Notre Dame Campus. Students and faculty can register in advance for a seat in the Connected Classroom, but space is limited to 50 participants. To increase access to these workshops, Emerging Media and Production is live-streaming each workshop through Webex for any registered online participants. A content recording will also be available after the event for students and instructors to access, and audience discussions will be edited out of the recording to respect the brave conversations of participants.