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NEW! Hybrid LEARNing Module: Writing Professional Emails

One of the main writing tasks in college is to write emails. Because of the formal, academic context in post-secondary education, the emails you send to instructors and program facilitators, even to classmates, need to be professional. This module will help build the skills needed to send professional emails and effectively communicate a message.

Module Learning Outcomes Course Content
Writing Professional Emails
  • Use the PACT (Purpose, Audience, Context, Tone) method to analyze writing for effectiveness.
  • Identify and effectively include all components of a professional email.
  • Review and refine emails for formality, clarity, tone and accuracy.
  • Write different kinds of emails depending on the context, purpose and audience of the email.
  • Effectively Communicating via Email
  • Refining Your Emails
  • Different Kinds of Emails

To learn more about the “Writing Professional Emails” hybrid LEARNing module, visit the Academic Success Centre website here. To register for the “Writing Professional Emails” hybrid LEARNing module, click here.