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Invitation to share your input for the RRC Anti-Racism Strategy

As a community we have a responsibility to commit to standing up, speaking out, and pushing back against racism in all its forms. We know diversity is one of our greatest strengths and the College is home to thousands of employees and students from all different backgrounds. Every one of us brings a unique perspective, experience, and connection to our workplace and classrooms.

We are proud of our diversity and while we continue to take important action in our shared fight against racism, we know we have more work ahead of us. Even within the College, we’re not immune to the systemic racism and unconscious bias that continues to be prevalent throughout our communities and across the country – it still exists in our classrooms, hallways, and meeting rooms – and it’s why we must continue to do more. To say we as a College value diversity and inclusion is not enough – we must be anti-racist in our leadership, policies, and actions.

We want to hear from you!

In working towards developing a new Anti-Racism strategy for the College we invite you to participate in this important conversations and share your feedback.

Please find the links to the ThoughtExchanges below to join the dialogue!

Question 1: What does anti-racism mean to you?

Question 2: What needs to be addressed to ensure that racialized and Indigenous persons are included and considered in all areas of the College?

Question 3What supports and resources should the College provide to further develop an inclusive environment where everyone is supported to succeed?

Question 4 : What must RRC include in our Anti-Racism Strategy to be a leader in this work?

Click here for more information about this initiative.

On behalf of the College and the Anti-Racism Steering Committee, thank you for your support and vulnerability in helping shape this important dialogue.

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