New Library Guide: Anti-Racism Toolkit

The Library and Academic Support Centre have developed a new Anti-Racism Learning Toolkit, as part of their library guides suite. The guide covers key terminology, history of racism in Canada, anti-black racism, and current situations surrounding the COVID-19 epidemic. The guide includes books, videos, articles, podcasts, and other helpful materials as a starting point.

While the guide has resources on racial incidents in Canada’s history, it also focuses on what’s happening in the present. With the Anti-Racism guide, we aim to carry the dark side of history and learn from it by listening to those voices. It is also the goal of this guide to contribute to our educational efforts in acknowledging how racism has shaped our thinking and actions. By enhancing our knowledge, we can speak out against racism and systemic barriers and support those who do as well. By being mindful we can help effect true change to ensure authentic diversity, equity and inclusion.

For more information or questions, please connect with Fatima DeMelo (Library) or Nora Sobel (Academic Success Centre).