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New Educational Service Agreement

Red River College has made some significant changes to the current Educational Service Agreement template. In the next few weeks, our department will contact each of our agency partners individually to terminate the current agreement and then engage them for a new one. Here are some highlights of the changes:

  • To be consistent with our internal terminology, Education Agents will be referred to as Agency.
  • New Recruitment Territory Definition: instead of a specific country, we will identify a region(s) or continent(s) of recruitment for each partner to accommodate some cross-region recruitment effort. Importantly, any recruitment effort outside the prescribed region(s) within the Educational Service Agreement would not be counted towards our commission calculation.
  • Commission Payment Structure: as communicated earlier this year, staring Fall 2020 Red River College will officially implement the Course-Based Registration process. To remain consistent, all commissions will follow a flat rate structure. Academic programs will be paid at $1,000 per 4-month term, up to a maximum of 2 terms. The English program will be paid at $700 per 4-month term, up to a maximum of 3 terms. This payment structure will apply to all invoices received in Fall 2020 and onwards, regardless of the start date of the program.
  • The Length of the New Educational Service Agreement is still indefinite unless terminated otherwise. At the same time, Red River College is implementing a new performance measurement to evaluate the agency’s performance every year. For us to consider an agency meeting the performance criteria, they must submit a minimum of 10 applications and 5 enrollments within an academic year. This provides more clarity on the expectations and sets a target for both the Agency and the College to collaborate on.