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Diversity Ambassador Reflections: Royaldeep

Ever since I was a little child, it was always a challenge for me to open up to new people I met in my life. Sending their young boy to a foreign country at the age of 19, to have a sustainable life and a prosperous career has been one of the hardest decisions my parents ever made for me. I have been extremely grateful and blessed coming to a country that has a diverse community and welcomes young talented students each year, so they have an opportunity to grow. Becoming a Diversity Ambassador with RRC, was a great accomplishment for me.

Throughout the course of my program, I have learned leadership, communication, organization, time-management and most importantly creating a culture of inclusivity in the campus. Volunteering my time in the college-wide events and activities has helped me in connecting with International Education staff and students. Always working ahead and helping out in planning, setting up the equipment and lunch were some of the activities that I as a diversity ambassador performed. During the Fall orientation session, I gave a student testimonial in front of about 300 students detailing my experience as an RRC student. I had the opportunity to turn my weaknesses into strengths. I overcame shyness and the fear of reaching out by interacting with new students and fellow volunteers.

One feels a great sense of responsibility and importance when there is someone counting on you. Students feel more comfortable to talk to someone who has been in their position before. I shared my experiences and provided useful tips to the students who are starting their program. I have met a lot of amazing and talented people along the way who became my good friends. Involvement in discussions and suggesting new ideas to college in promoting diversity and inclusiveness among the other ambassadors was a significant part of my term as a diversity ambassador. Performing tasks with students from other cultural backgrounds helped me learn certain perspectives and opinions that serve importance in today’s world.

Throughout my program, I got a chance to travel outside and volunteer in certain college events that were fun and exciting. Volunteering has never felt like a stressful job, but it was joyous and rewarding for the values that I have developed. Providing peer-support is a big responsibility and I am proud that I was able to provide that appropriate level of support for RRC community. Certain perks as a volunteer to win prizes were rewarding. Expanding my network, developing interpersonal skills, and inspiring the students was a huge accomplishment. Recognition follows you around when a lot of students know you as a diversity ambassador.

Being a diversity ambassador was one of the biggest achievements in my life and the skills that I have developed would help me in every step of the way. Understanding the true meaning behind the word diversity and inclusiveness has made me a man I never would have thought of I would be. I will cherish these wonderful memories forever.

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