Starting a New Academic Program at RRC?

If you are planning to join our College Community as a new student in an academic program, we have some great resources for you to start getting ready for classes. Check out these 3 great resources online!

  1. Cultural Orientation Online

Learn what it takes to succeed in a new culture and a new college!

  1. Pre-arrival Webinar

Livestream: July 18, 2019 8:00 am (Winnipeg time – Central Daylight Savings Time)

This session is for students getting ready to travel to Winnipeg for the first time. Hear from our Student Support team about preparing, packing, and travelling to Canada. Ask questions in real time. The session will also be recorded for later reference.

  1. Check out our Pre and Post Arrival Guides Online for information about coming to Canada and getting started on campus.

If you are getting ready for your academic program and have any questions, you can direct them to

See you on campus very soon!