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FREE International Student Sweat Lodge Experience – Sign up today!

Enhance your understanding of Indigenous and Canadian Culture. Take part in this unique experience and join Elder, Jules Lavalee, in a traditional sweat lodge ceremony and teachings offered by the School of Indigenous Education.

What is a sweat lodge ceremony?

There is a wide range of purification ceremonies associated with Canadian Indigenous peoples, but perhaps the most well-known is the sweat lodge.

Sweat lodges have been a tradition for First Nations throughout North America since time immemorial, and they still serve many functions for indigenous people today. The sweat lodge ceremony cleans and heals the body. It heals the mind – bringing clarity – and it is often a testing place, offering a rite of passage where a participant can demonstrate endurance, strength and courage. Finally, sweat lodges are also holy places where Indigenous people can renew their deep connection to the universe and to the spirit realm.

If you are interested in participating in this unique experience to learn more about the Indigenous culture in Canada please register online by Wednesday, October 24. Event details will be sent to students who register.

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