Get Connected!

Next week’s GO (Get Oriented) session is focused on connections.

When you start in a new place, you have to start building your network of personal relationships. How do you do that in a new culture?

Come to this week’s GO Session to get important tips about how to build healthy positive relationships on and off campus!.

Week 5 (October 1-5, 2018) Get Connected!

  • Notre Dame Campus: Tuesday, October 2,  12:00-1:00 pm, eTV Studio

The NDC session will also be streamed and recorded by eTV Learning Technologies for viewing 24/7  across campuses.

Please register for the session at your campus online:

Notre Dame Campus Sessions

Register early, as seats are limited for the in-person sessions.

If you missed last week’s sessions, you can find them all on the GO Webpage, or click on the links below:

GO (Get Oriented) is the third stage of transition supports for new immigrant and international students. Over the first 8 weeks of your program, we have strategies, resources, and supports to help you start on the path to success in your life, program, and career in Canada.