Volunteer with the Intercultural Mentorship Program!

Intercultural communication is an increasingly important skill for today’s leaders in a global workplace. Red River College’s Intercultural Mentorship Program encourages meaningful interaction and dialogue to help you build skills for success – in the classroom and in your career.

Who we are:

  • a one-on-one partnership between a Canadian-raised student and an immigrant/international student.

Who you are:

  • a positive role-model
  • curious about other cultures
  • willing to share from your own culture
  • able to create space for insightful conversation
  • excited about exploring Winnipeg and have fun!

Why get involved:

Build community: Help create a welcoming, inclusive and diverse space, on campus and in the community

Build connections: Engage with others in a fun and positive way that encourages reflection and dialogue

Build skills: Transfer valuable intercultural knowledge into the workplace.

Two $1,000 Awards available for partnerships that embrace the spirit of Mentorship!

Visit www.rrc.ca/imp to read more and apply!