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Beware of telephone and email scams

A serious matter was brought to my attention yesterday and I would like all of you to take immediate precautions and communicate to your family in your home country.

An international student’s mother, who lives in China, was a victim of a telephone fraud. The student’s parents were contacted and told their daughter who attends Red River College was in need of help and requires $50,000 Canadian dollars to be transferred into a certain bank account. The mother tried to reach her daughter on her cell phone, however, her cell phone was not available. The student had since been in contact with her family, but unfortunately, her mother had already transferred the money to the fraudulent bank account. The police were contacted and this case is currently under investigation.

Please be advised:

  • DO NOT communicate personal and private information on email, QQ, or any social media.
  • Call police (phone # 204-986-6222) immediately if someone you do not know is asking you or your family for money without any just cause.
  • Tell your family not to send any money to anyone unless they hear from you or your guardian in Canada.
  • Store private information documents or identification (ID) cards in a safe place where no one else can gain access to them.

For more information about frauds and scams please go to:

If you have any questions or concerns please contact Security Services or the International Education Office.

Thank you and stay safe.

Eddy Lau
Interim Director, International Education