Hands-On Fun: Winnipeg Summer Camps

Red River College runs a variety of youth camps and workshops that allow kids to meet new friends and learn hands-on skills. This all adds up to a fun, educational and memorable time!

Culinary Creations Summer Camp

Summer Youth Camp at RRC - Culinary CreationsYour child will learn how to prepare simple meals and tasty treats under the direction of RRC’s Chefs. From home-made macaroni and cheese to mouth-watering cinnamon buns, children experience the satisfaction of preparing food using quality basic ingredients. Your little chefs will learn about food science, kitchen safety and the art of meal presentation.

This camp is for youth aged 10-14 and runs weekly from Jul. 6 to Aug. 14.

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Dream Home Design Summer Camp

Summer Youth Camp at RRC - Dream Home Design Summer CampYour child will get creative and learn how to design their very own living space (3D floor plan) or product and learn all about structures by designing a mini fort. Under the direction of RRC’s experienced designers, your child will also learn skills related to communication, problem solving and teamwork.

The Design Camp is for youth aged 10-14 and runs weekly from Aug. 4 to Aug. 14.

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Information Technology Camps

Girls in front of a computerRed River College’s Applied Computer Education department offers Information Technology Camps to high-school students of all genders and to middle-school girls. These camps, run out of Red River College’s Exchange District Campus, are free for students to attend.

The Information Technology Camps run in early May.

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Technology Exploration Camp

Summer Youth Camp at RRC - Technology Exploration CampTechnology Exploration Camp is an innovative program that offer hands-on technology activities and demonstrations for girls and boys entering Grade 6 or 7 in fall. The camp is designed to give middle school students a real taste of various engineering technology-related disciplines.

The Technology Exploration Camp is for youth entering Grade 6 or 7 and has two sessions in July.

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