If you are in crisis, please visit our crisis resources page.

Whether you have a diagnosis of a mental health condition or not, you can take steps to support your wellbeing. There are many on campus and community resources to support you. In addition to services, personal coping strategies are essential to academic and career success.

Check out this wide range of programs, services and activities available to you. Try something new today!

Some of this content has been adapted from the WRHA’s mental health website – Ways to Well-being.

Connect with a supportive person

  • Connect with an on-campus professional counsellor for confidential personal counselling or support with accommodation planning.
  • Chat via text with a trained peer listener 24/7 using your tablet, smart phone, or computer. Red River ReliefLine is a free, anonymous service available to all RRC students.
  • Reach out to an instructor, friend, family member, or other supportive person in your community.

Be active

Connect with self-help organizations. If you experience difficulties with:

Attend On-Campus Groups

  • The Body Project. A body image improvement and eating disorder prevention program.

Use your benefits

Practice breathing and relaxation techniques

Check out the Healthy Minds Healthy College collection at the RRC Libraries.

Find the positive

  • Write down 3 good things that have happened in our day
  • Laugh
  • Be around positive people
  • Think kind thoughts toward yourself
  • Be kind to others
  • Do something you enjoy

Seek meaning

Express yourself

  • Write, draw, bake, paint, or engage in any form of creative self-expression

RRC’s Counselling Services page has additional information about Managing Your Mental Wellness related to the following topics.