Steering Committee

The Healthy Minds, Healthy College Steering Committee oversees the HMHC Initiative, ensuring integration with the College strategic plan and coordination with other local and provincial priorities in relevant sectors.

The Steering Committee provides an opportunity for key internal and external stakeholders to discuss the HMHC Initiative, directing the development of the key goals, work plan, and evaluation strategy. The mandate of the Committee is to provide an ongoing mechanism for input and advice to the Mental Health Coordinator on key points in the development and implementation of the HMHC Initiative. The Steering Committee will also deliberate on and review input received from the HMHC Advisory Group.


  • Laureen Janzen – Manager of Counselling and Accessibility, Student Support Services
  • Breanna Sawatzky – Mental Health Coordinator, Student Support Services

Internal RRC Members

  • Dave Rogalsky – Director, Student Support Services
  • Melanie Gudmundson – Director, Human Resource Services
  • Michael Krywy – Senior Research and Planning Analyst, Research and Planning
  • Tracy Brant – ACCESS Pathways Liaison, Indigenous Education
  • Jodi Pluchinski – Director, Safety and Health Services
  • Debbie O’Donnell Weigelt – Chair, Community Services
  • Jennifer Gaulin – Administrative Assistant, Counselling, Accessibility and Student Employment Services

External Members

  • Karen Kyliuk – Mental Health Resource & Education Facilitator, Winnipeg Regional Health Authority
  • VP Internal – RRC Students’ Association
  • Bobbette Shoffner – Executive Director, Mount Carmel Clinic
  • Stephen Sutherland – Provincial Campus Mental Health Initiatives Specialist, Canadian Mental Health Association, Manitoba and Winnipeg