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Wellness Weekly: Recommended Reading for April 30 – May 6

May 1, 2018

In our Wellness Weekly, mental health roundup feature we curate some of the best writing on the web related to health and wellbeing. Here is some recommended reading for this week.

  • Psychology Professor, Dr. Mary Gomes writes about why she assigns her students electronic media fasts. She shares the benefits of unplugging, highlights some students reflections on the experience, and gives some tips for breaking poor screen habits. Read more at Five Reasons to Take a Break from Screens. – Greater Good Science Centre


  • Dr. David DiStreno argues that using willpower alone is not the best way for students to resist tempting distractions and focus on academic work. He presents evidence that  developing gratitude and pride, along with grit, will make students more resilient. Read more at We’re Teaching Grit the Wrong Way. – The Chronicle of Higher Education


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