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The Everyday Assistant

April 18, 2017

The Employee and Family Assistance Plan (EFAP) is available 24/7 with access to short-term counselling and a wide range of proactive tools and resources to make your work/life balance smoother, we all know this. What isn’t as well-known is the plethora of services we can take advantage of through that simply make life easier – not necessarily more balanced, but certainly easier.

  • Need to know if you can build your own Will from an online kit or if your situation calls for a Lawyer’s touch? Access the Legal Consultation through your EFAP and figure out your next steps to secure your future.
  • Pretty sure you have a handle on your daily finances but could use some help with your investment choices or long-term savings? The Financial Consultation will show you where the gaps are in your financial health so you make the most of your Financial Planner’s time – they’ll even help you find one!
  • Child or Elder care needs slowing down your daily grind? Allow your EFAP to help you find a provider in your area that fits in your budget.
  • Trying to quit smoking and just need a few quick tips to help with cravings throughout the day? The Stop Smoking Centre will provide just that!
  • Have a child or teen that seems to be struggling with their own school/life balance or a mental health concern but they want nothing less than talking to you? They can access the EFAP as well with complete confidentiality from their phone, laptop or tablet so help is always on the way even when they’re always on the go.
  • First time home-buyer? Learn everything you need to know from maintenance schedules and DIY repairs to budgeting and renovations.
  • Going through a major life event like a death, divorce or job loss? Find coping strategies, community resources and solutions for whatever life has thrown at you.

The bottom line is that you don’t need a “life or death” situation to arise before you can access the EFAP, far from it! An EFAP should be used as a proactive tool as much as reactive, to help you out with life’s daily little curiosities, challenges and opportunities. This is a benefit the College wants employees to have and is paying 100% of the cost for, so take advantage and improve your life wherever you can with LifeWorks!

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