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The Body Project: Searching for Student Volunteers

November 8, 2016

We know that physical appearance, including the shape and size of one’s body, is of much concern in popular culture. We don’t have to look far before finding ads, editorials, and images encouraging us to change our bodies in some way. They tell us to Lose weight! Tone your tummy! Shrink your thighs! Remove unwanted body hair! and Get rid of wrinkles!

These messages, among other factors, contribute to the development of body dissatisfaction and even eating disorders. Eating disorders are chronic, serious mental health disorders that drastically impair one’s ability to function in life and cause major emotional and physical distress. Although there are effective treatments for eating disorders, prevention is a priority.


About The Body Project

The Body Project is a body-acceptance program that helps college students resist cultural pressures to conform to the ideal standard of female beauty and reduce their pursuit of unrealistic bodies. The Body Project is supported by more research than any other body image program and has been found to reduce onset of eating disorders.

The program is meant to be offered in 4 one-hour sessions, which include facilitated discussions, activities, and homework assignments. A peer-reviewed long-term efficacy trial found the following:

“…participants in the…intervention showed a significantly lower risk for onset of clinically significant eating pathology relative to assessment-only controls (6% versus 15%), which amounts to a 60% reduction… These results suggest that for every 100 young women who complete this intervention, approximately 9 fewer should show onset of eating pathology” (Stice et. al. 2008).

RRC Invited to Facilitator Training

The College, along with Women’s Health Clinic and University of Manitoba, has been invited to take part in a two day facilitator training so that we can offer The Body Project to students. Four staff are set to attend, but we need students to join us and train as peer facilitators.

Training Details

Below is our flyer with some details as to how a student would get involved:


We appreciate your help in getting the word out to students who may be interested in this opportunity!