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What’s your reason?

May 3, 2016

NAOSH, or North American Occupational Safety and Health week, is a continent-wide event spanning Canada, the United States and Mexico. It takes place May 1 to May 7 each year. NAOSH inspired my article for this week. You may be wondering,  ‘what’s that got to do with wellness’? And, which aspects of wellness would this apply to?

The NAOSH theme for 2016 is “Make Safety a Habit. What’s Your Reason?”

Just take a moment to think about your reason(s) for working safely, both at work and at home, and for staying well and tell us about them in the comments section.

My main reason is my family. I want to go home at the end of the day to be with my husband and my son. Working safely and being well go hand-in-hand. There are over 28,000 workplace injuries in Manitoba each year. If we all work together to stay safe, we can all be well on our way to contributing to reducing those injuries.
The College is holding multiple events this week to celebrate the many dimensions of wellness that NAOSH week touches upon, from your spiritual wellness to the environmental and social aspects, just to name a few.

Check out for the events scheduled for this week and win some great prizes along the way for your financial wellness.

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Have a great #NAOSHweek and stay happy and healthy!