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Treat Yo Self

April 21, 2016

Take your time…and spend it well, sometimes just by yourself.

By Chef John Royal

In planning what to write for my wellness blog post, I kept coming back to how much I need to spend quality time with my family and friends.   How hard it is in this busy life to find time for everything; work demands, a happy marriage, kids, pets, household, parents and all of life’s things that need to get done.

One thing that I find always falls to the bottom of my list is me!

We all want our family and friends, work, and relationships to take priority, and in order to do that, you need to take care of yourself. Sometimes the best way to recharge your battery is to do something that you love to do, by yourself.

Biking and walking are great for me. Some people want to relax at the spa to rejuvenate or perhaps a massage, some like to sit at the coffee shop and spend two hours with the paper and crossword. Time to think by yourself while doing something that you enjoy is one of the great pleasures in life. I find that another great destressor is to fall into yard work for a few hours. Painting is also bliss for me (not all the prep or cleanup though!)

Make time for yourself to be busy or lazy or active, but make the time for you, and the people you surround yourself will be better for it!

In our family we found that the only way to be able to spend time on individual hobbies or have personal time was to plan for it. If we didn’t plan for it, it didn’t happen.

Once we all got into the habit of having a few hours of personal time each week, planning came easier, and everyone in our family is developing themselves in one way or anther. Right now, some of the individual pastime’s in my house include: reading time, running, origami, gardening, and Lego. Outside personal activities include swimming, biking, dog walking and the ongoing maintenance and renovation of a 110-year-old home (that one is mine!)

In our house we use team work to gain some personal time. Having our kids help with small things like the cleanup of toys or making sure their laundry was in the hampers, all helped the grown ups and kiddos to have more time together – and on our own!

I have found that our family spends more quality time together and we also have more time to ourselves. We are all more engaged with each other and find we are more engaged at school and work.

As RRC employees we have a wonderful resource available to us with our EFAP (Employee, Family Assistance Program) Called lifeworks. I have included below our common staff login to the website and a few search recommendations in relation to this topic. Happy reading!

Life works website log in for RRC staff members:

Username: rrcefap Password: efap

Great references that I found on the lifeworks website are the: “Work Life Play: Making the most of every day” 52-page booklet (available in .pdf format)

Once logged in to lifeworks, at the top search bar, a search for: “work life balance” will come up with a multitude of great resource articles and media on this topic.

One other web reference I found helpful was an article at titled “How to find time for yourself” by Elizabeth Scott, a Stress Management expert.

Here is the link to that article.

Enjoy time to yourself!