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Get Some Sleep

March 30, 2016

jack sleeping (2)Sleep is essential for good health. It allows the body to recharge, heal and reset.

As a parent I see the importance of keeping my kids on a bedtime routine. They are healthier, happier and have fewer temper tantrums, a sleep routine makes sense. A regular sleep routine helps keep your internal clock in sync and this actually makes it easier to fall asleep.

We make sleep a priority for our children, why don’t we do it for ourselves? Think about how many adults you know that don’t get enough sleep (myself included). Being tired is sometimes unavoidable, but unless you’re a shift worker, we really should make sleep a priority. How much sleep do we need? Turns out the average amount of sleep recommended for adults is 7 to 9 hours a night. Do you get enough sleep?

I remember watching a television show where they studied sleep deprivation, people who were tired had reaction times slower than those of a drunk driver. Being a danger on the road isn’t the only reason to get some sleep. Not enough sleep effects your immune system, your ability to think clearly, and your overall short and long term health.

We all know the basic effects of not getting enough sleep, now what can we do to ensure a better sleep? Here is what I have learnt; my mom has always told me to turn down the heat at night to around 18 degrees Celsius, and have a dark, quiet room. The Doctor Oz show I watched said to eliminate all electronics and to have a clock radio with a red light display. I know some people swear by meditation and others swear by a glass of warm milk.   Whatever you do to assist with getting a good night sleep it’s worth it, make sleep a priority and be a healthier, happier you!

jack 2 sleeping (2)

When looking at your health, are you examining the entire landscape? The wellness wheel is designed to get you thinking of how “well” you are in all the different aspects of your life. When you think of your overall wellness, make sure you are not just focusing on a couple spokes. Wellness WheelFor resources to assist with you and your family’s wellness check out Lifeworks and live well!