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Office C517 Stepin’ Up to Meet the Get Movin’ Challenge

February 26, 2016

IMG_0974With the wonderful idea and motivation set in place by The Wellness Committee with the February’s Wellness Get Movin’ challenge, office C517 actually took it “one step” further and created an Office Challenge, with a collective monthly goal of 2 000 000 steps. We had a wonderful response to our “steppin’ challenge” and we are now seeing that we have underestimated the energy and determination of our office mates. What started out as asking each of our 12 members to maintain an average 5800 steps per day for the month, has turned into us now witnessing daily postings of 10 000 to 20 000. Oh, we are a competitive bunch!

IMG_0975The first week was quite exciting and we had a few laughs with all the “trash talk” and even the thought of competing against each other. In the end, we decided that next year we will expand our group idea and maybe try to compete against other offices, or even if each member entered a small donation to start and the combined winner at the end of the month would have the total donated to a charity of their choice. So many ideas for next year…but all I know now is that I watch our team mate’s eyes when they first arrive in the morning scanning the board, and excitedly write in their numbers before even removing their jackets. It’s fun, it’s exciting and it has definitely brought our team closer together.

BRAVO to C517, not all our numbers are in for the first 11 days, and we are well on our way to meeting our goal!

We may have to raise that bar another 2 000 000….