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Thinking about travelling this winter?

November 1, 2015

Out-of-Country Emergency Travel Health Coverage

Eligible Red River College employees and their eligible dependents have 100% Emergency Travel Health Coverage for trips up to 90 days.

What is an out-of-country medical emergency?

The definition of an out-of-country medical emergency is “a sudden, unexpected injury or acute episode of disease”. You will not be covered if you are travelling against medical advice.

What to do during a medical emergency out-of-province/country?

When traveling abroad, it is important to carry your Great-West Life ID card. Your card includes the toll-free numbers required to obtain assistance during a medical emergency. In the event of an emergency call Global Medical Assistance (GMA) as soon as possible. The call can be made during or immediately following a medical situation, such as:

  • You are hospitalized or about to be hospitalized.Travel (2)
  • You need assistance in locating proper medical care.
  • Physician and/or Hospital requires insurance verification (confirmed through GMA directly).
  • You are involved in an accident requiring medical treatment.
  • You have a medical problem and require translation service.
  • Emergency evacuation is deemed medically necessary (arrangements will be made through GMA).
  • Any serious medical problem arises.

Be prepared to give the name of the person covered, the group and contract number and a description of the problem.

For more information or to print your ID card, log in to the Great-West Life Member Portal with your Great-West Life user name and password.

Global Medical Assistance (GMA)

The Global Medical Assistance program through Great-West Life provides medical assistance through a worldwide communications network which operates 24 hours a day. The network locates medical services and obtains Great-West Life’s approval of covered services, when required as a result of a medical emergency. Coverage for travel within Canada is limited to emergencies arising more than 500 kilometers from home. You must be covered by the government health plan in your home province to be eligible. For a list of covered services, see your benefits booklet.

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