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Flu shot: Myths BUSTED

October 23, 2015

Truth MythIt is influenza season again. We want to protect our friends, family, colleagues, and any with whom we interact who could become seriously ill. See  below for different myths that are “busted” .

MYTH: The flu shot gives you the flu.

FACT: The flu shot cannot cause the flu. It’s normal to feel tired, feverish, and achy for a couple of days after the flu shot. The real flu lasts 1-2 weeks.

MYTH: I never get sick, so I don’t need a flu shot.

FACT: You can give other people the flu even if you don’t have symptoms yourself.

Kids, elderly persons, and people who have chronic illnesses (e.g. diabetes, cancer, people who are on special medications) can get extremely sick from the flu.

MYTH: The flu shot will protect me from the stomach flu.

FACT: The flu affects your lungs, not your stomach. The flu shot is for a type of infection that affects your lungs only. The stomach flu is different and caused by different germs.

MYTH: You only need to get the flu shot once.

FACT: The flu shot only protects you for about 6 months. You need it once a year.

MYTH: Getting the flu shot is the only thing I need to do to not get sick.

FACT: You still need to wash your hands and cover your mouth when coughing and sneezing to prevent the spread of germs

Developed by Health Services 4th year Student Nurses who are here on practicum from Univeristy of Manitoba.