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Are You Prepared for Winter?

November 20, 2014

Winter Tire Financing Program:[1]

Winter roads can be slippery, even if you are driving safely. MPI offers a low-interest financing program to help you put winter tires on your vehicle.

The Winter Tire Program provides financing to eligible Manitobans at a low interest rate for up to $2,000 per vehicle. The financing can be used for the purchase of qualifying winter tires and associated costs from participating retailers.

Eligibility Requirements for the Winter Tire Program:

  • You must be an individual (not corporate) Manitoba Public Insurance customer
  • You must purchase qualifying winter tires for a passenger vehicle or light truck (gross vehicle weight 4,541 kg) registered in your name
  • You must have no financing restrictions or outstanding arrears on your Manitoba Public Insurance account

MPI_snowflakeTo check your eligibility, use the Manitoba Public Insurance eligibility confirmation tool.

Eligible tires will display this symbol, and must appear on the list of eligible tires.

Financing can be applied to the purchase of eligible winter tires, and may also be applied to associated costs including:

  • rimsshutterstock_43229098
  • Tire Pressure Monitoring System
  • addition of studs to tires (some limitations apply)
  • mounting and balancing storage costs (if paid during initial purchase)
  • switchover costs (if paid during initial purchase)
  • wheel alignment
  • nitrogen fill
  • valve stems
  • shop supplies
  • applicable taxes and fees

How do I start the process?

Determine your eligibility for the program, and then visit a participating retailer and select your tires.

The retailer will confirm your eligibility and complete the loan authorization. You will be asked to do the following during this process:

  • provide your vehicle registration certificate and your driver’s license or identification card
  • select a financing term between one and four years and a monthly payment withdrawal day
  • choose between using the existing banking or credit card information on your Manitoba Public Insurance account, or have your Autopac agent contact you for the information
  • provide your phone number and preferred Autopac agent
  • read and sign the loan information (including applicable interest rate), Preauthorized Payment Agreement, promissory note and terms and conditions

For more information, visit the MPI website.

Avoid a shoveling injury this winter![2]

Snow shoveling is one of the more common causes of back injuries during the winter months. It is possible to prevent this type of injury if you know the best ways to remove snow without straining your back.

Use these tips to help you to avoid low back injuries and pain during the snowy winter season.

  1. Pick the Right Snow Shovelshutterstock_183334190
    • Pick a small, lightweight ergonomic shovel with a curved or adjustable handle. This will require you to bend your knees and arch your back only slightly.
  2. Warm Up
    • Cold, tight muscles are more prone to injury than warmed up, flexible muscles. Warm up for five to ten minutes before shoveling. March in place or go for a brisk walk. Stretch and limber up your arms and shoulders with a body hug to prepare your body for shoveling.
  3. Use Ergonomic Lifting techniques
    • Push the snow to one side rather than lifting it whenever possible. When lifting the snow is required, face towards the object you intend to lift, bend at the hips, not the low back, and bend your knees to lift with your leg muscles, keeping your back straight.
    • Keep your loads light, and keep the heaviest part of the shovel close to your body.
  4. Pace yourself
    • Shoveling small amounts frequently is less strenuous than shoveling a large pile at once. Removing snow over a period of time will lessen the strain on your back.
    • Take a break every 10 – 15 minutes, or if you feel overworked. Stretch your arms, shoulders, and back during your break.

Did You Know?

Oct -QuestionThe LifeWorks website contains useful tools and articles to help you and your family prepare for winter. You even have access to toolkits and checklists. Check out these resources and more by logging in at

  • The Family Winter Safety Toolkit
  • Homeowner’s Pre-Winter Checklist
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[2] Snow Shoveling Techniques to Prevent Low Back Injuries. Peter J. Schubbe, DC. Spine-health. December 16, 2013.