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Are your Personal Appliances Safe?

November 5, 2014

coffee makerPersonal appliances such as coffee makers, electric kettles, space heaters, and others are convenient but can also pose a hazard in the workplace.

In order to ensure that these devices are used and placed in a safe manner, a guideline has been developed for RRC staff use. You can read the guideline here.

kettleHere are some questions to help you determine if there are any safety and health hazards associated with personal appliances in your work area.

Can you say YES to all the below?   If not, contact or call 204-632-2596.


  1. ☐Is the appliance labeled so it clearly identifies the individual and/or department that the appliance belongs to?
  2. Is your appliance:
    • ☐CSA, ETL and/or UL approved
    • ☐in good working order and kept clean
    • ☐used for its intended purpose
    • ☐have any signs of misuse or abuse
  3. Your appliance does not
    • ☐“spark”, or have a burning odour while in use
    • ☐show signs of charring or rust
    • ☐have defects in closing (ie: microwaves)
    • ☐have defects in operation
    • ☐repeatedly trip the breaker
    • ☐have “hot spots” on the cord while the appliance is in operation
  4. Is your appliance:
    • ☐placed directly on a hard, stable surface, with nothing between the surface and appliance
    • ☐placed on a supporting surface large enough to accommodate the size of the appliance
    • ☐plugged directly into a permanent receptacle (not an adapter, extension cord, or power bar)
    • ☐plugged into a receptacle that is not loose
    • ☐equipped with its original cord, free of fraying, tape, or other “modifications”
    • ☐equipped with current safety features, such as automatic shut-offs
    • ☐automatic timer not set
    • ☐equipped with a cord as short as possible (and the cord is not draped across or over other items)
    • ☐cord secured so that it does not pose a trip hazard
    • ☐placed no less than 1 m. from a water source
  5. ☐Heaters need to be placed no less than 1 m. from any combustible items (furniture, wall, drapery, etc.).


toasterThanks for taking the time to read this information! Together we can ensure that our workplace is a safe and healthy place.  If you have any questions or comments, contact us at